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Welcome to Scarlet Ladies Talk

Scarlet Ladies Talk is a London based members only community for women looking to explore their sexuality and empower their lives. As well as private members only events we provide women with female focused brands to explore freely. From exclusive play parties, retailers, exhibitions, services, many more. We empower women sexually as well as in life.

Join our exclusive community and let’s Free your #vagination


Exclusive access to Members only events and evenings with special speakers and teachers.


Play at the worlds best play parties and Soirees with great discounts.


Shop sex toys, lingerie, beauty products and more at our partnered female focused stores at discounted prices.


Empower your life with Scarlet Ladies recommended therapists, coaches, personal trainers and more at discounted rates.

What Our Members are Saying.

  • Gorgeous gals. With a mission : that will free the feminine form. Bound up in a sisterhood of oppression of sexuality. Now the new sister – hood is formed. Go girls. Fly the flag!😍. Big luv : in a way not done before….❤️💃🏻💐

    Anne Marie
  • I invited a friend, I thought it might be a bit awkward because we weren’t that close before, but it ended up being great. We both opened up with no issues at all and felt comfortable the whole time. Pretty sure we’re better friends now.

  • I think too many women are uncomfortable taking control of their own sexual pleasure, speaking openly and shamelessly, even together. Scarlet Ladies attempts to change this by focusing on empowerment and removing stigma in a safe and non-judgemental environment. For women to share their stories about their insights on their sexuality, isn’t just powerful. It’s a public service.

    Aoife - Drurytherapy , Psychosexual Therapist

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Fun Sex Facts

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