Is one of your new year resolutions to be healthier? Are you maybe putting yourself through a hunger pain and headache stricken couple of weeks of detox?

In that case you might be very happy to know that there is a very simple way to keep your body’s detoxing systems running at full efficiency all year round. The lovely Gemma of Yattire Yoga is sharing her number 1 detox secret and 5 reasons why we should all have it – The Lemon Ginger Zinger:


The body is a natural detoxifier, keep your January fresh and simple with a Lemon Ginger Zinger each day.

Here’s 5 reasons why you need look no further for your January cleanse.

1 Kick start your lymphatic system

Warm water is more stimulating than cool. It immediately starts the hydration process. Lemon water stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins held in the colon and bladder over night. Adding ginger helps speed up the waste process, reducing the development of cancer cells & polyps.

2 Lemon water alkalises the body

Our bodies work better when they are more alkaline. Cancerous cells tend to bread in an acidic state. Unfortunately, many of our daily personal care items & general environment force us to be more acidic, breading illness and disease. An alkaline state reduces inflammation which can lead to auto immune diseases and illnesses such as arthritis.

3 Allow your skin to glow

Lemon ginger water is an amazing anti ageing tool. Rich in vitamin C&D, riboflavin (great for tissue repair) and minerals like calcium, phosphorous and magnesium (great for bones & stimulating collagen). Acidic bodies stop the skin from glowing.

4 Great for digestion

Ginger is anti inflammatory and mucous dissolving. Grains cause both inflammation and mucous growth in digestion & respiratory systems. Both are full of health enzymes, together they stimulate proper digestion. Ginger helps protein digest and eliminates toxins brought by food in the colon.

5 Great for weight loss

People who are more alkaline lose weight more efficiently. There are lots of reasons for this; the main reason is the reduction of sugars and grains. These cause insulin spikes which promote glycogen being stored as fat . People with chronic inflammation hold weight in both fat & water. Lemon is a natural diuretic it stimulates digestion by waking up the bile production in the liver. The combination of lemon and ginger boosts the body’s natural ability to detox. All you need is:

A mug of hot water 

1/2 an inch of grated ginger – Lasts longer when kept in the freezer (top tip)

Half a squeezed lemon – for sweetness add honey (or Agave nectar if you are vegan)

Try for a month and feel your body energise and your skin glow!

Sending you love and light this January

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