About us

One cold winters’ morning in February 2015, two ‘ladies’ entered Costa for a catch up after a networking event. After a few glasses of peppermint tea (yes, Jannette has an addiction) and bites of Pain au raisin (Sarah before her body building diet) the conversation began to take a turn into a darker path away from the predictable business talk.

Words such as partnerships, money and spreadsheets were replaced by dicks, oral sex and Vaginas.  After many laughs, snorts & cackles (from Jannette), awkward expressions from passersby and more croissant bites Sarah says ‘We should do a sex workshop’. A few months down the line we launched Scarlet Ladies and here we are.

We host women’s only events in London to talk about sex with the aim of normalising the conversation around female sexuality, it’s lumps and bumps, it’s ooh and aahs.

Why Are We So Amazing


Free events. Say what? From signature panels to nights out at exclusive partners events. Get free access to members only events.


Explore yourself, needs and wants in judgement free spaces with Scarlet Ladies partners . From Londons best sex clubs to Cuddle Parties you will never be bored again. 


Shop beauty, lingerie, sex toys and more at our partnered female focused stores at discounted prices. No need to thank us ;)

Better You

More discounts for you. Empower your life with Scarlet Ladies recommended therapists, coaches, personal trainers and more at discounted rates.

Panelists & Speakers

We have handpicked inspirational women who resonate everything that is Scarlet Ladies. Our speakers range from journalists to entrepreneurs providing guests with a wide range of opinions and experiences.

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