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We are a community of women breaking down the stigma and shame attached to female sexuality.

We don’t say that life is all about sex – but we do believe society makes it tough for women to embrace that side of themselves.

Using the power of straight-talking conversation, we are building a future where women’s sexuality isn’t a dirty secret, but something natural that men and women will accept and celebrate.   

Scarlet Ladies was founded in 2015 (ours story so far) by Sarah & Jannette : two ordinary women on a mission to help women everywhere to feel ‘normal’.

Today, our community welcomes women from all walks of life, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or experience. It’s not about what you do or who you do it with; it’s about feeling the confidence to be who you are without fear of judgement … and helping others to do the same.
We celebrate Freedom, Inspiration, Esteem, Respect, Courage and Enjoyment , and we see these qualities in women everywhere. Through our events, we empower, educate and enlighten women on all aspects of female sexuality. Through our membership, we’re building a mutually supportive community of women, united by a positive agenda of personal development and friendship.

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From self-confidence to self-love, Tantra to kink, emotional journeys to nuts-and-bolts, we’ve got it covered.


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There’s no such thing as a typical Scarlet Lady! Meet Romany, Lottie, Gail, Jenny, Franki, Alyssa and Sandra – and discover what being a Scarlet Lady means for them.

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