Code Of Conduct

Within the Scarlet Ladies community, We want everyone to feel safe and supported. This means that everyone should be able to interact without fear of being judged.

In order to be part of a Scarlet Ladies event, You have to conform to the following rules:

  • You have to identify as female (unless the event expressly states that it is open to men)
  • You have to be at least 18 years of age
  • You have to be respectful of others
  • You should be prepared to be openminded and refrain from passing your judgement on others
  • At no point do We accept rudeness, offensive language or abusive behaviours to our guests.
  • Do not get personal and do not purposely offend others


We will not tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse at Our events. We will follow up on every report we receive regarding a violation of the code of conduct and You may be asked to leave the event and / or be refused access to future events.


If you want to report a guest contact us at [email protected]