What is the campaign #ITalkSex about

‘The #ITalkSex Campaign brings together women from every walk of life. We are united by our belief that by talking openly about what we need, how we feel or what we’ve gone through, we are helping women everywhere to find the confidence and empowerment to accept and love themselves for who they really are.‘ More details to come about how you can get involved.

The photoshoot is the first part of the campaign. This was  a 2 day shoot and we can say it definitely was emotional, fun and empowering.  There were tears, laughter and every emotion between and we all had so much fun.

Here are highlights of the photoshoot concept:

  • to illustrate that there are ‘two sides’ to every woman, and that this is totally normal
  • to show that the ‘sexual’ women and the ‘everyday’ women are the very same person, and that both women are always present inside
  • to challenge preconceptions about what ‘sort’ of women talk or think about sex: we want to normalise our conversations by showing that sex is universal
  • to emphasise the contrast between the setting and pose (both of which will be boudoir-style) and the ‘everyday’ side of the women, expressed through their clothes and presentation


The day comprised of 3 different sections;

  1. The photoshoot
  2. The Polaroid Selfie and creative on why they talk sex.
  3. #ITalkSex video interview.


The dressing room

The hub, where we had nibbles, bubbles, a whole lot of makeup, clothes and laughter.  We played card games, LoveHoney’s “Kinky Confessions”. Did I mention we laughed?

The photoshoot

The photoshoot was held at our Home, The Reserve, which boasts two rooms.  The red room aka the green room where ladies can prep themselves and have some me time before the shoot if they wish. They also used this room to take their Polaroid selfies and creatives on why they talk sex. See how amazing Faby and Carlo are with one of our ladies.

Here is Rachel’s


The #ITalkSex video interviews

As this campaign is all about womens voices we of course had to give the ladies an opportunity to speak and share their reasons for taking part in the campaign. As we will be releasing the videos at the campaign launch, we thought to give you a sneak peak of some sample stills.


Overall, our aim at the photoshoot was to pamper and treat our ladies who have put themselves forward for what we hope will be an eye opening and thought provoking campaign. We hope we achieved it and thank you again to all the ladies who took part in the shoot and video interviews. Stay tuned for more news on the campaign and how you can get involved.

Next we will be sharing why #ITalkSex is so important and how you can get involved.

Jannette Davies

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