Become a Clique Hostess

Create new friendships and have fun all whilst exploring your sexuality in the comfort of your home. Become a Scarlet Lady hostess for our ‘Between the sheets’ events and meet like minded just like you.  Of course as a hostess this will not cost you a penny, free entry and all 😉

  • Become an active member of the community.
  • Explore new products, tips and tricks.
  • Create new friendships with like minded women.
  • Dedicated guest list for your friends.

What you need

A private room to host lovely ladies.

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The Clique is the ultimate girls night in. The concept is simple, bring a bottle of wine or Chocolate and we mingle for the night in a private residence. This informal evening is perfect opportunity to mingle with like minded women. Who knows what treats we may have for you on the night.

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