Female sexuality is not a dirty secret. It’s a part of who we are.

The #ITalkSex Campaign brings together women from every walk of life. We are united by our belief that by talking openly about what we need, how we feel or what we’ve gone through, we are helping women everywhere to find the confidence and empowerment to accept and love themselves for who they really are.

Many Voices. One Message.

#ITalkSex because I value myself.

#ITalkSex because I survived

#ITalkSex because I love my body.

#ITalkSex because I believe in gender equality.

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'Host a Girls' Night In'

Host your own #ITalkSex night in & start the conversation.

What's an #ITalkSex Party?

Get the girls together for a #ITalkSex night and be part of our campaign to help women everywhere find the confidence and empowerment to accept and love themselves for who they really are.

Cocktail night, games night, cheese and wine – we’ll let you decide. However you do yours, an #ITalkSex night is a wonderful way to support and empower the women around you. We’ll share your story & photos afterwards.

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How it works

  1. Download your pack
  2. Register your event.
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Top tips for hosting a #ITalkSex night.

  1. Big or small – your event can make a difference. From 2 to 50 friends it is up to you to decide who’s invited
  2. Many hands make light work – get all your girlfriends involved in planning your party! After all it is all about the sisterhood.
  3. Make it fun! Be creative; have a theme night, make cocktails, host competitions, create a unique theme …
  4. It’s all about creating a judgement-free space – however creative or naughty you want to be, it’s up to you – just don’t forget to talk! This night is all about creating a judgement-free space where you and your girlfriends can speak openly without judgement or shame.

(Order your free kit here) Kit available from 23rd August.

Code of conduct

In order to ensure that the nights are empowering and never intimidating, all guests and hosts must adhere to the Scarlet Ladies’ code of conduct:

  • You and your guests must be at least 18 years of age
  • Respect one another
  • Be open minded and refrain from passing judgement on others
  • There is no place for rudeness, offensive language or abusive behaviour at an #ITalkSex party
  • Do not get personal and do not purposely offend others

If you have attended an #ITalkSex event that you believe does not follow our code of conduct please email [email protected]


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#ITalkSex Manifesto

We believe that no woman should ever be ashamed of her sexual experiences, needs or feelings.

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