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I am not too sure if I have mentioned our #ITalkSex ( which is all over our social media, website, emails and everything we could think of). Two weeks ago  we posted a behind the scenes of our photoshoot featuring pretty awesome and inspiring women and now we are revealing the campaign and calling all women to get involved.

So what is the campaign all about?

The #ITalkSex Campaign brings together women from every walk of life. We are united by our belief that by talking openly about what we need, how we feel or what we’ve gone through, we are helping women everywhere to find the confidence and empowerment to accept and love themselves for who they really are.


The #ITalkSex Campaign encourages women everywhere to use the simple power of conversation to celebrate their bodies, accept their desires and put a stop to prejudice, ignorance and stereotyping that affect so many of us every day.

From the date-rape victim to the woman who became her partner’s sex-slave for 10 years; from the mother determined to raise strong, self-aware daughters to the curvy woman standing up for body positivity, the #ITalkSex Campaign is for every woman Everywhere.

“As women, we all know we need to invest time in our careers, responsibilities, relationships and friendships – but how often do we invest time in ourselves? The #ITalkSex campaign helps women from all backgrounds to open their minds, accept and celebrate themselves for the beautiful, sexual human beings that they are.” – Jannette Davies, Co-Founder of Scarlet Ladies

Who is it for?

Every Woman. Guys you can get involved by supporting or even sharing about an inspirational woman who talks sex.

How can you get involved?

There are 3 keys ways you can get involved in the campaign:

Share a post on social media: Take and picture or a video and share why you talk sex and #ITalkSex.

Host a #ITalkSex night – Invite a friend or 50 and have a girls night in. Get the girls together for a #ITalkSex night and be part of our campaign to help women everywhere find the confidence and empowerment to accept and love themselves for who they really are.

Cocktail night, games night, cheese and wine – we’ll let you decide. However you do yours, an #ITalkSex night is a wonderful way to support and empower the women around you. We’ll share your story & photos afterwards.

Share your story: If you have a blog, why not share your story and inspire another woman.

We will share all your stories and posts simply #ITalkSex

What is next?

The campaign will officially launch on the 23rd August when we will be launching our campaign pack, manifesto and pledge. To pre-register for your campaign pack click here .

However, do not wait till then to get involved.  Begin planning your girls night in with your friends, start posting on social media and share the campaign with as many people to get involved.

If you are based in London join us for the #ITalkSex party on the 12th September. At 8.30pm we invite all to join our #ITalkSex twitter party hosted by the awesome and inspiring Girl on the Net.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be revealing the women behind the campaign and their stories so stay tuned. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @scarletetladies , Facebook and Instagram @ScarletladiesUK

See more on the campaign here.

Jannette Davies

Co-founder of Scarlet Ladies, featured on Channel 4 Super Orgasm andmainly on my usual quest to empower women, normalise the conversation around female sexuality whilst going through my own personal journey of sexual empowerment. Can't find me? I am probably enjoying my me time with the metal one. 😉

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