Isn’t it weird how certain topics still feel like they’re completely taboo? It feels weird to talk about some things even though they’re completely normal and a part of most of our daily lives. Some of these things are harder for men to talk about, and some of these things are more looked down on if women dare to speak about them, sexuality being one topic where the latter definitely applies. So dear readers, I want to know: why is it so frowned upon for us women to talk openly about sex?

We’re a gender who are rigidly controlled by stereotypes and we’re so often expected to stick to these. We must be docile, calm, timid and shy, whilst still managing to appear intelligent and strong headed (but not too strong headed!!) and passionate and exciting. It’s hard being a woman. It’s difficult being told in many contrasting statements exactly how your gender should behave.

It’s 2017 and these taboos need to end. Not just for women, but for everyone. We need to feel free and open to discuss the important matters, such as sex, without feeling shy and scared and worried that everyone else will judge us. In reality, subjects are only taboo because few people are willing to be that first person to step out of the crowd and talk about them. As soon as one voice makes itself heard, exclamations of ‘oh I do that too!’, ‘I like that too!’ and ‘you’re right, that needs to be changed’ will suddenly be heard in their hundreds. Because lots of us are doing it, we’re all just too scared to be the first to shout about it.

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