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There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ Scarlet Lady! We asked some of the wonderful women in our community to introduce themselves, tell us what makes them tick – and explain what being a Scarlet Lady means for them.


Jenny, a lawyer, is originally from Leeds. Now living in London, she’s single and interested in men. When she’s not at work, Jenny loves to chill out in her kitchen, cooking, with her favourite music on. She’s also a qualified eating psychology coach! Jenny loves the social aspect of Scarlet Ladies, but also values the inspiration that our speakers bring; the opportunity to explore her own sexuality, and the opportunity to support other women on their own journeys of development.


Scarlet Ladies in 3 words: Inspiring, revelatory, entertaining


Franki Cookney is a non-monogamous married journalist from London. Interested in both men and women, she loves to chill out with red wine and good friends and values the social aspect of Scarlet Ladies as well as its supportive and serious side: gender equality; exploring tough issues affecting women; body positivity and peer-to-peer support between women all make her tick.

Scarlet Ladies in 3 words: Inclusive, candid, supportive


Alyssa is a polyamorous Trans Liason Officer from Reading, interested in ‘anything with a heartbeat’! Her favourite way to chill out is sensation play – and she reveals that, “despite my overt sexuality and confidence, I only really started exploring it three years ago …” She joined Scarlet Ladies to meet new people, as well as to explore her interests in gender equality, sex positive feminism, and to tackle the tough issues affecting women in the world today.

Scarlet Ladies in 3 words: Sassy, sexy, inspiring


Sandra is a Restorative Yoga & Massage Therapist, interested in men and women. Originally from San Francisco, she is married and her husband’s job brought her to London. Sandra loves to chill out eating tasty food & drinking wine, and confides, “I am finally discovering and connecting with my female sexuality in my 30s. I moved to London for my husband’s job and wanted to meet more women, so I researched different groups and was drawn to Scarlet Ladies.

Scarlet Ladies in 3 words: Positive, informative, liberating


Gail De Souza is a CLAC Leadership Coach, who is interested in men but ‘not settling for just anyone’. Her perfect chill-out time is spent at the spa, and she reveals that she has activated the Kundalini Energy – a form of primal energy or Shakti located at the base of the spine. She joined Scarlet Ladies in order to help other women, and values the opportunity that it brings to understand and connect with others.

Scarlet Ladies in 3 words: Interesting, volition, colourful


Romany is a PhD candidate, cemetery scholar and playwright with a passion for sex-positive feminism. “It takes strength to be sex-positive in a female-shaming society”, she says. “We are stronger together.” Single, super-orgasmic, and interested in men, she comes from San Diego, California. Romany’s ideal chill-out is sipping cocktails in a museum.

Scarlet Ladies in 3 words: Comfortable, intelligent, fun

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