Every Tuesday evening from 5–10pm, we set up Scarlet Home [see events] in The Reserve: a chilled-out, laid-back suite of rooms that is exclusively ours. As private as it is opulent, it’s the venue for all of our events, as well as being our members’ weekly meeting spot: the perfect place to share anything from a glass of wine, to the most confidential of confidences. Relax with a book; chat with friends; share ideas with other sex-positive women or hatch plans to change the world.

Scarlet Ladies events happen at 23 Paul Street: our home-from-home every Tuesday evening from 5-10pm.

Think old-world chic with a sophisticated, sexy twist: faultlessly tasteful and spectacularly luxurious, 23 Paul Street is home to London’s most ethical boutique house of striptease. Founded on an agenda of female sexual empowerment, it’s a space where female sexuality is celebrated and where good manners, good taste and mutual respect are non-negotiable.

 About 23 Paul Street

A ‘club for the discerning rascal’, 23 Paul Street boasts a murky history of intrigue and roguery, dating back to the last days of the British Empire when it was a site of the infamous Gold Price Fix.

Today, 23 Paul Street is a progressive, sex positive brand that wholeheartedly supports our mission to normalise the conversation around female sexuality.


As employers, 23 Paul Street focus on fostering positive relationships within their team and supporting their personal growth. They play host to Sleazy Virtue, a bi-monthly meet-up run by and for their team that offers a combination of workshops, discussions and performance art for the ‘sisters’ of 23. They are currently in the process of launching a new online platform to help more women from the wider striptease community to access information, get support and share resources.

Explore their website – or stay back after one of our events to discover the club in person …