Harriet Minter is a journalist and broadcaster, specialising in female leadership. She founded and edited the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section, which focused on women in the workplace and now writes for the paper as a regular contributor. She is also a columnist for Psychologies Magazine and hosts The Badass Women’s Hour on TalkRadio. She’s written for publications including The Times, The Telegraph and The Pool. Prior to working at the Guardian she completed a Politics degree at Newcastle University following which she started her journalistic career at RollonFriday.com, the leading news site for lawyers. She is a regular speaker on women’s rights, the future of work, and digital media. In the past two years she’s given two TED Talks, the first on the importance of learning to fail and the second on yoga, which have had 10s of thousands of views. Outside of work her passions include high heels and big boats – just not together.

“For too long women have been shamed for enjoying and embracing their sexuality. We’re supposed to want sex but only in secret and only with our current partner, it’s not something we talk about or embrace. But by hiding our sexuality behind bedroom doors we also hide away from it’s power and energy. If we want women to thrive in this world then we have to allow them to tap into their sexual power, just as we now urge them to tap into their brain power or emotional intelligence. I believe this absolutely so when Scarlet Ladies asked me to talk about sex I couldn’t wait to say yes, yes, yes!”


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